Support Fund

Now that I am seeking temporary asylum, I need your help more than ever. Please consider donating to my support fund so that I can continue my work.

PLEASE NOTE: PayPal has frozen my account so I can no longer receive donations that way. As of the present moment, I can only receive support via cryptocurrency. Lovely crypto angels, it is you that are keeping me alive and able to do what I do.

Support my efforts via Bitcoin donation: 1JehB3FTrGkjc4AzJGNHsnbYdE75hRVmnU

Ethereum: 0x4f8f9c175550084142978b1acd8f5a43b81a14b9

Ethereum Classic: 0x14a14492fa7aa1ec58270d1ad6d97a93fad14d90

LiteCoin: LQUtKbJ4m8QeWgSS4HqMNSqUeKmyJLiJBZ

Dash: Xk236X33gRTz5MKmSEs2AWqFwLrcL6Dj2o


Thank you so much!