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* Had a fantastic time appearing on the much-loved and popular Jimmy Dore show. Talked about WikiLeaks, Snowden, #Unity4J and more.

Clip 1: Top 10 Edward Snowden Revelations You Didn’t Know About

Clip 2: How Julian Assange Saved Edward Snowden‘s Life

Clip 3: The Top 10 WikiLeaks Achievements

  • Appeared at Sydney’s ‘Politics In The Pub‘ with Christine Assange and Professor Stuart Rees to discuss the Unity4J campaign and the importance of supporting Julian Assange and WikiLeaks:

Interviewed by well-known hacktivist and longtime WikiLeaks supporter Commander X about Internet Party, my activism and journalism. Long listen here

* Interviewed by Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan on Faultlines Radio after the successful launch of a new #Unity4J organising platform attracts thousands of members. Listen from 20:00 on, at this link

* Hard to describe the incredible privilege of interviewing a man whose work I have studied and learned from, for so many years. Was amazing to get to spend time with my hero, Pulitzer Prize winner Chris Hedges to discuss the significance of this moment in geopolitics and why we all must support the world’s most accomplished publisher, Julian Assange:

* One of the greatest honours of my life: interviewing Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg about his life’s work and his relentless support for Julian Assange and WikiLeaks:

* Great watch. Full cut of my and Elizabeth Lea Vosinterview of anti-CIA Torture Whistleblower John Kiriakou from the June #Unity4J online vigil in support of Julian Assange:

* Fun debate with my friend Noah from Avenue of Intrigue live on his You Tube channel. Click here for full clip

* Pleased to present my latest work “Julian Assange – Censored to Death?” at the Deep Truth conference in NYC alongside Ray McGovern, Cynthia McKinney and other amazing people! You can watch my speech here (from 02:20:00+) or read the full transcript here.

* The first #Unity4J online vigil was a resounding success: with newcomers Jimmy Dore, Vivian Kubrick, Graham Elwood, Lee Stranahan, Cynthia McKinney, Peter Lavelle and many more journalists, whistleblowers, academics, truth tellers and celebrities stepping up to the plate to go to bat for Julian.

The vigil featured 25 guests, lasted 26 hours, was shared by WikiLeaks and Julian Assange‘s Twitter accounts and had over 40,000 views on Periscope alone.

Full playlist of videos from the vigils, including full streams & cuts of individual interviews:

Our design team also crafted some gorgeous memes of quotes from each speaker, here is mine:

* Based on the incredible impact of the last vigil, Elizabeth Lea Vos, Cassandra Fairbanks and I, along with dozens of amazing volunteers, have launched the #Unity4J online vigil series, fighting for human rights, free speech, press freedom and safe passage for Julian Assange.

Our fabulous design team made this neat 4 minute vigil promo video:

* In response to the unjust silencing and deprivation of the human rights of Julian Assange, some incredible friends and I came together to mount an online vigil to #ReconnectJulian. See Kim Dotcom, Elizabeth Lea Vos, Caitlin Johnstone, Lee Camp, Ray McGovern, John Kiriakou, Cassandra Fairbanks, Ron Placone, Tim Black, H.A. Goodman and more, explaining why Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are so important and deserve our support:

* Pleased and humbled that Julian shared my latest interview with H.A. Goodman. He highlighted my comment about movement building: “…I always go back to Occupy – we had the 99%. At Occupy nobody asked you if you were a Democrat or a Republican. We were there to change the entire system, it wasn’t about one candidate or another candidate, it didn’t even enter into the conversation. Everyone was welcome regardless of whatever their political persuasion was. We had people there from every political persuasion, they were all equally welcomed and that’s what made Occupy such a powerful movement… it’s not possible to build a revolution without including the 99%.” 

* Totally awesome: I was interviewed by my old friend Lee Camp on his show Redacted Tonight. We discussed WikiLeaks, the importance of emancipating Julian Assange, and some of our #DecipherYou findings from the Snowden files.

A cool fan made this neat quote graphic from the interview:

* My first promotional event for Being Julian Assange was a massive success. Elizabeth Lea Vos (Editor in Chief, Disobedient Media) and tech entrepreneur Kim Dotcom joined me live:

* The wait is over: my 23,000 word piece d’resistance, which has been called “a J’Accuse of the digital age”, Being Julian Assange is out now and can be read here

* Interview with H.A. Goodman on WikiLeaks, Assange, Snowden, #DecipherYou, Russia and more:

* Epic 3-hour long interview dispelling countless myths about Snowden and WikiLeaks, as well as talking about a myriad of issues relating to the targeting of activists and journalists by Western intelligence agencies. Fantastic watch:

* My swift debunking of the Dutch-Russia hacking hoax (which I titled “10 Reasons The Dutch-Russia Hacking Story Is Fake News“) shut a mainstream narrative down in sub 24 hours, went viral across Europe, caught the attention of the people of the Netherlands who were facing an impending referendum on mass surveillance (they subsequently voted against it) and incensed the US-intel-backed ‘Hamilton 68’, who claimed that the popularity of my article meant I must be a “Russian bot”. In fact, countless hundreds or thousands of regular people were so motivated by the findings in my article that they propagated it all over the internet! Resultantly, I outperformed some major news orgs:

* I decided to take my 2016 series of blogposts analysing the Snowden SIDToday files released in bulk by The Intercept to the next level by analysing batch 3 onwards in real time livestreams on my fledgling personal You Tube channel. Check out the full playlist of #DecipherYou streams below. The series has gotten even better in recent episodes as I have been joined by my awesome colleague Elizabeth Lea Vos from Disobedient Media!

* I was asked to speak to the German Pirate Party annual conference. I discussed my experience standing for election this year for the Internet Party of New Zealand, related policy issues and why I believe it is critically important that we continue to support WikiLeaks. My message to them is below:

* In the final #AntiSpyBill episode for 2017, I interviewed Cynthia McKinney, ex-US Presidential Candidate for the Green Party (2008) and the lone, courageous Democrat House Representative who stood up to George Bush over the Iraq War. Great watch:

* Few people on this planet know more about surveillance capitalism than acclaimed privacy activist Aral Balkan. He joined us for the 8th #AntiSpyBill stream. You can watch it here

* Emotional and extremely educational – I interviewed Lisa Ling, one of the U.S. drone whistleblowers from the incredible documentary ‘National Bird’, for the 7th #AntiSpyBill event.

* Click here for an extremely edifying watch: I interviewed 3 top academics & technologists from India about the #Aadhaar biometrics database – recently revealed by the WikiLeaks #Vault7 releases to have been compromised by the CIA – & its terrifying implications.

* So pleased to have been profiled by the hottest independent author in Australia – Caitlin Johnstone. She wrote this fabulous piece about me and also did a really well received Zoom chat with me on her You Tube account:

* The man who told everyone Hillary Clinton was corrupt and unelectable and was laughed at – none other than H.A. Goodman himself – joined the 5th #AntiSpyBill panel:

* Honoured to have interviewed Nobel Peace Prize nominee and great friend David Swanson at the 4th #AntiSpyBill event. Watch the full stream here

* Had the incredible, haunting experience of interviewing one of the bravest voices of our time, US drone program whistleblower Cian Westmoreland at the 3rd #AntiSpyBill event.

* Amazed by the phenomenal success of our #AntiSpyBill series. The analytics are through the roof and we hit #1 trending in New Zealand last week! We have now committed to continuing the events every Sunday going forward.

* CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou confirmed for the second #AntiSpyBill event

* Good Daily Dot write-up about our Internet Party #AntiSpyBill events, with a few quotes from me.

* Incredible to be interviewed (along with CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou) by award-winning journalist Barrett Brown on the first episode of his new WhoWhatWhy podcast. Listen here!

* Our first major campaign event was a phenomenal success. Check out the final edit of the #AntiSpyBill event – featuring Kim Dotcom, Barrett Brown, Lauri Love and Lee Camp, hosted by yours truly :)

* Wonderful that WikiLeaks has shared the #AntiSpyBill event video to its millions of followers!

* Wrote an op-ed about our #AntiSpyBill event for major Kiwi blog site The Daily Blog. Read the article here

* Elizabeth LeVos of Disobedient Media did this great article (including an audio interview with me) about the new Internet Party initiative – the #AntiSpyBill. Check it out here

* Despite being struck down with a nasty gastro bug, I persevered to do an amazing interview with popular You Tuber and accomplished journalist H.A. Goodman. Full video can be viewed here

* Interviewed by Radio One 91FM in New Zealand, about a variety of topics related to my activism, exile and leadership of the Internet Party. Podcast available here

* Really great segment with my friend Tony Serve, interviewing me for 6PR 882FM Fairfax Radio in Perth Australia Listen here

* Very combative but well-received interview by Wallace Chapman on Radio New Zealand, a station listened to by over 15% of the New Zealand population. Full interview here :)

* I have again been interviewed on the iconic Auckland radio station 95bFM. I faced some pretty tough questions about Russia, my asylum application and my leadership of the Internet Party. Listen to the full audio here

* Confirmed: I have accepted the Leadership of the Internet Party of New Zealand and am proud to be leading their 2017 general election campaign. You can read the full version of my interview with the NZ Herald by clicking here. We have had an amazing and diverse group of New Zealanders working on the campaign since February of this year and have developed a series of world-first initiatives that we will be unveiling in the coming months. Stay tuned!

* It’s out! The second episode of my new web TV series “Kiwi In Moscow” – “Russia Remembers World War II”. In this anti-war themed episode, we march in the Victory Day Parade, visit Red Square and St. Basil’s Cathedral, party with the Russians in a traditional pub, visit the Moscow State Library and the Church of Christ the Saviour Cathedral, before a sunset stroll across the Moscow river. Feature interview is with the famous anti-war American activist, author and radio host David Swanson, twice-nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

* New interview: listen to my recent appearance on Talk Nation Radio with David Swanson, talking about activism and journalism in New Zealand and Russia at this link.

* My latest article has made a huge splash. It meticulously documents how New Zealand media smeared Kim Dotcom in order to avoid the very real and serious implications of issues raised by Edward Snowden at the Moment of Truth in 2014 – in the context of those same smears now being used to discredit Kim Dotcom’s revelations about his relationship with Seth Rich:

* New interview: a transcript of my recent appearance on Black Tower Radio is available here.

* The first episode of my new web TV series “Kiwi In Moscow” is out! Get a firsthand look at my life in Moscow, see some sights, visit a famous Moscow co-operative restaurant with me and then see my web chat with the co-founder of New Zealand’s well-known tech co-operative, Loomio. You can watch it for free here at You Tube or here on Vimeo. Enjoy!

* Honoured to speak alongside H.A. Goodman and other special guests on NYC’s WBAI radio, to advocate for the emancipation of Julian Assange. You can listen to the show playback here (I’m on from about 20:50)

* Great new interview with me in the Huffington Post… long read but worth it if you like my work!

* Hmm, was Kim trolling me? I must troll him back. #TIP4S

* Iconic Auckland radio station bFM interviewed me about my application for asylum. You can listen to the show playback by clicking here.

* Really happy that WikiLeaks shared my latest piece, “Assange Talks Brennan, CIA and the Future of Journalism” to nearly 4 million followers on it’s Facebook page and retweeted it to another 4 million followers on Twitter. A much shorter piece that I wrote about mainstream media misrepresentations of WikiLeaks’ efforts to get their hands on Donald Trump’s tax returns was also retweeted by WikiLeaks Task Force.

* My investigation into a major Anonymous Twitter account that had been smearing Edward Snowden, WikiLeaks and Julian Assange revealed some shocking background and was picked up by the WikiLeaks Task Force. Read the full article here.

* NZ media stalwart Martyn ‘Bomber’ Bradbury has become the fifth person to step forward publicly to confirm that they knew I was being targeted by spy agencies in New Zealand. Read more about it on ‘The Daily Blog’.

* We Are Change published a huge interview of me about my asylum application and accused the NZ media of covering up my situation. Given WRC’s huge following (half a million Facebook followers etc) it seems to have tipped the balance, as in the immediate wake of the article, a number of New Zealand publications began covering it.

* Excited that I’ve been asked to write for the awesome We Are Change. They have a great team of Occupy media veterans and a really big platform. Check out my first articles for them: a piece on China siezing a US underwater drone and a really well received exclusive interview with Judith Poe, the mother of the heroic American journalist Serena Shim.

* Landed an exclusive interview with Kim Dotcom and got a huge scoop. Looks like light will be shed on the GCSB scandal & many other dodgy dealings of the ruling National party!

* On Contraspin: I debunked quite literally every single line of the latest Guardian smear on Julian Assange :)

* Part two of my analysis of the Snowden SIDToday files can be found here.

* Three new blog posts on my personal blog; ‘The Aaron Precedent‘ about Aaron Swartz, ‘Redaction Theoryabout the redaction debate from the perspective of someone potentially impacted, and ‘No, Julian Is Not Dead about ongoing efforts to discredit WikiLeaks by claiming he is.

* A third activist who worked with me in New Zealand has come forward in support of my claims. The interview is here: Kiwi Activist Lyn Ny: “It Is Deadly Dangerous To Speak Against The Government”

* A message from one of my amazing, loyal friends. Please help him to support me through this tough time by sharing my press release and by donating here.


* New articles: I am writing daily at present; check out my latest work! 1) ‘The Bizarre Plans of the Prime Minister of New Zealand to Win Over Donald Trumpat The Spin Bin; 2) “How Liberal Media Turned Trump’s Natural Opposition Into Supportersover at Contraspin; and 3) “Analysing Snowden’s SIDToday Files, Part Oneat Decipher You.

* New interview: Suzie on the Voices Network talking about her asylum bid, alongside Kiwi rock musician and Internet Party candidate Chris Yong and Occupy Auckland media team co-ordinator Redstar. Listen here or read the full transcript here.

* My latest article dismantles serial WikiLeaks detractor James Ball’s latest hit piece: read ‘Another Day, Another Two-Bit Smear On Julian Assange

* New piece up on Contraspin: ‘Understanding World War III‘.

* 90 minute interview of me, talking about my new documentary ‘Diary of a Person of Interest‘, on AnonUKRadio – listen to it here or read the transcript.

* What is it like to be a ‘Person of Interest‘ to major Western intelligence agencies? Why did they target me? How did they target me? What do they want? How should targets respond to the intrusions into their lives? My first ever full-length film, featuring yours truly, has been released and answers these questions. It roughly covers the period from when I was initally targeted in October 2011 to when I went into exile in January 2015. See Diary of a Person of Interest here on Vimeo, or on YouTube.

* It’s out, and it’s over 9,000 words: The series finale, The Weaponising Of Social Part 3: The Resurrection Of IOError


Above graphic made by the awesome @AnonymousVideo.

* In “Just As Intended: The U.S. Election Is Tearing Us To Shreds” I examine the social schisms arising from the giant political farce known as the U.S. Presidential Election and examine Edward Snowden, WikiLeaks and Glenn Greenwald‘s positions on it.

* New on Contraspin: In “Orwell’s Swan Song: Free Speech Activists Whitewashing Wikipedia To Silence Dissent” I catch @ioerror‘s accusers using personal relationships with a Wikipedia editor to make over a dozen convenient changes to his Wikipedia page. Diving down the rabbit hole even deeper, the saga intertwines with FBI informants, The Daily Dot and the employment of a self-admitted CIA agent at the Tor Project.

* In “We Steal Secrets: The WikiLeaks Story – Analysing the TranscriptI highlight 22 pieces of information that most people don’t know about whistleblower Chelsea Manning, heroic publisher WikiLeaks and dastardly FBI informant Adrian Lamo.

* Parts One and Two of my groundbreaking new series “The Weaponising of Social” have made huge waves, as the first articles to critically assess the sexual abuse allegations against Jacob Appelbaum. These pieces were picked up and republished by the Swedish Human Rights online magazine The Indicter. Update: several major German publications have now undertaken their own investigations into the case and also discovered major anomalies.

* Kim Dotcom just tweeted my latest article about #PanamaPapersNZ and what he says is so true. Any New Zealand publisher who published my articles would immediately be targeted by the government. Free speech is a thing of the past in New Zealand.


* My monolithic political analysis of the #PanamaPapersNZ scandal is here: read ‘Long John Key Silver And His Treasure Islands‘ courtesy of The Spin Bin

* It is no secret that I have endured intense political persecution in retaliation for my journalism, including the attempts on my life that led to my exile to Berlin in early 2015. This has had a devastating financial impact on my young family that, by design, diminishes my ability to continue holding powerful figures to account and to advocate for the public interest. It is past time to admit that I need your help to mitigate this. Please consider donating at my new support page, here.

* Interviewed live on AnonUKRadio about #JA4me, by Top from TopGearLive. Really great listen, the full transcript of the interview can be found here. Right after my spot is Courage Foundation beneficiary Lauri Love. Learn about his case here.

* MintPress News has published my op-ed about the JA4me movement – “New Mass Movement Aims To Liberate Julian Assange#JA4me“. The article has also been picked up by

* You can listen to me discussing WikiLeaks, source protection, movement building and the parallels between our new Julian Assange emancipation effort JA4me with the past success of the Free Mandela movement in this 1-hour interview on the Voices Network podcast. Full interview transcript is available here!

* Nothing pleases me more than speaking up in defense of others and building movements to achieve social change. Support our latest project: #JA4me, check out the gorgeous official campaign website and help us to emancipate WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange!


* Huge thank you to arguably my favourite account on Twitter, @HelpSnowden, for turning one of my tweets about Snowden in this gorgeous graphic:


My original tweet is here:


* TASS news agency has published my latest: “The Oppression of the Internet is Global” – an in-depth analysis of the recent worldwide wave of internet-related legislation and the West’s hypocrisy in its criticism of Russia.

* New Testimonials have been added featuring comments about me from some of the amazing people I have worked with, including Members of the New Zealand and Icelandic Parliaments.

* My new piece ‘Fame or Flame’ is an intimate account of how I went from being a publicity-shy Occupier to a journalist with a profile, and a target of the state.

* WikiLeaks has tweeted my article “In Plain Sight – Why WikiLeaks Is Clearly Not In Bed With Russia” to their nearly 3 million Twitter followers.


* Jacob Appelbaum (@ioerror) just retweeted this important point contained in my latest article:


* Huge new piece: “The Agenda To Destabilize Europe” on Contraspin, talking Schengen, EU-US intelligence sharing, CIA Torture Report apologists and paid government trolls. Massive read.

* Is there anything more fun than self-publishing the first piece you ever had rejected by a publisher? No :) Check out ‘Malaysia‘ on my personal blog.. a nostalgia piece about my first experience holidaying in a Muslim country

* Kim Dotcom has tweeted about my article “FVEY vs Kim Dotcom“!

* Wrote this short post on my personal blog called “2015: The Year Activism Got More Retweets Than Justin Bieber

* Second part of the ‘Occupy Achievements’ Series, “Revolutionising the Roles of Teacher and Student” is up on Occupy Savvy. Read it here!

* Really pleased that WikiLeaks has shared my last article!

* Another new piece on The Spin Bin, this time taking aim at the diversionary tactics of the mainstream when interviewing Julian Assange. Check out ‘Same Old, Same Old; RadioNZ’s Formulaic Assange Interview

* My prescient new article ‘The Ben Rachinger Hoax‘ has been published on The Spin Bin, exposing the double dealings of a Kiwi police informant who had infiltrated the hacktivist collective Anonymous. Update: fellow Kiwi independent journalist Keith Ng has since been lauded for this new article further exposing Ben Rachinger, published by Public Address.

* My new article blowing the lid on the Kim Dotcom case is up here on Contraspin.

* I covered the massive Berlin anti-TTIP rally and got some incredible videos and pics of the 250,000 protesters who attended. My full coverage is here (published by MintPress News)

* New article on Contraspin: ‘In Plain Sight: Why Wikileaks Is Clearly Not In Bed With The Russians

* My debrief & presentation notes from my CCC2015 talk are up on my personal blog – Endarken. Check out ‘The Truth Is Terrifying

* New article on The Spin Bin: ‘Grotesque Hypocrisies Behind New Zealand’s Anti-Troll Law‘ about how rape survivors are being used as political capital by New Zealand politicians.

* I will be speaking at Chaos Communication Camp 2015 on Saturday 15th August at 4pm Berlin time: event details here! Topics will include: Surveillance, FVEY, PoI’s, TrapWire, New Zealand, Snowden, Wikileaks, Citizen Journalism/New Media, Kim Dotcom, Occupy, FBI, and #GCSB!

* My article “New Media, Ethics and How To Stop Journalists Being Killed” can be found here, on my personal blog – Endarken.

* Live on air 10th July 2015 with 6PR in Perth, Australia on the Wikileaks #HackingTeam data dump – link to the show playback is here if you’d like to listen.

* My favourite journalist, Pulitzer-Prize winner Glenn Greenwald has recommended my last podcast to his followers. So awesome!

* Amazing hour-long 4th July interview about all things Snowden, Berlin and more, with Occupy America. Listen to the podcast here or read the full interview transcript here!

* Live on air 1st July 2015 with 6PR in Perth, Australia, talking about Edward Snowden, Berlin and the targeting of activists and journalists worldwide.