I have contributed nearly 100 live event videos to our media team‘s You Tube channel, where I have interviewed tons of activists, politicians, musicians, “celebrities” and private citizens. A prime example of this is my interview of Hon. Laila Harre at the Kim Dotcom/Glenn Greenwald/Edward Snowden event “The Moment of Truth” in Auckland, New Zealand.

I also occasionally (when topical) am myself the interview subject. Some examples of this are below.


* Interviewed by H.A. Goodman (March) – full video here

* Interviewed by Lee Camp on Redacted Tonight – full episode here

* Interviewed by Ramola D. – full video here

* Interviewed by H.A. Goodman (February) – full video here


* Interviewed by award-winning journalist Barrett Brown alongside CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou: listen to the audio here

* Audio interview with Elizabeth LeVos of Disobedient Media about the new Internet Party #AntiSpyBill initiative: full article and interview here

* Interviewed by H.A. Goodman – full video here

* Interviewed by Radio One 91FM in Dunedin – full podcast here

* Interviewed on 6PR 882FM Fairfax Radio in Perth Australia Listen here

* Interviewed by Wallace Chapman on Radio New Zealand. Full interview here :)

* Again interviewed by the iconic Auckland radio station 95bFM. Listen to the full audio here

* Interviewed on Talk Nation Radio by David Swanson, talking about activism and journalism in New Zealand and Russia at this link.

* Interviewed on Western NY’s Black Tower Radio. Full transcript is available here

* Honoured to speak alongside H.A. Goodman and other special guests on NYC’s WBAI radio, to advocate for the emancipation of Julian Assange. You can listen to the show playback here (I’m on from about 20:50)

* Interviewed by Sarah Illington, published in Impolitikal and The Huffington Post

* Interviewed on 95bFM – listen to the full podcast here


* Interview on the Voices Network: Suzie speaks alongside Internet Party candidate Chris Yong and Occupy Auckland media coordinator Redstar. Interview transcript is here; playback can be listened to here.

* Interviewed live on AnonUKRadio about my new documentary ‘Diary of a Person of Interest‘ about the targeting of me by Western intelligence agencies. Listen to the 90 minute interview here or read the transcript.

* Interviewed live on AnonUKRadio about #JA4me, by Top from TopGearLive. Really great listen, the full transcript of the interview can be found here.

* Me discussing JA4me, WikiLeaks, source protection, and the parallels between the new Assange emancipation movement and the past success of the Free Mandela movement in this 1-hour interview on the Voices Network podcast


* Amazing hour-long 4th July interview about all things Snowden, Berlin and more, with Occupy America. Listen to the podcast here or read the full interview transcript here!

* Live on air with 6PR in Perth, Australia on the WikiLeaks #HackingTeam data dump – link to show playback is here – have a listen!

* Live on air 1st July 2015 with 6PR in Perth, Australia, talking about Edward Snowden, Berlin and the targeting of activists and journalists worldwide.


* Interviewed by Perthtones on 9PR Australia, about Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald and the #GCSB just prior to Kim Dotcom‘s “Moment of Truth” event


* Interviewed by GuerillaMedia’s Vinny Eastwood after the evictions of Occupy Auckland


* First ever interview, undertaken prior to the evictions of Occupy Auckland