Occupy: The War Within – Prologue

Warning: this is going to be one of those unsatisfying reads that results in an unresolved cliff-hanger ending – not in order to capitalise by leaving space for a sequel, but because this book travels the course of the last year of my life. What the future holds is completely & utterly unknown to me.

If it is anything like my past, it will be full of extremes; a combination of unlikely events in contrasting physical spaces; transcending socio-economic, racial and geographic divides, that collectively dismantle every pre-conceived notion I might currently entertain about what it is that may be in store for me and for us all.

From experience, my wildest dreams and expectations will pale in comparison to the reality.

Had you told me one year ago, that I would be in the situation I am now in, I would never have believed you. Likewise, after I tell you about the full events of the last year, it is likely you will not believe ME.

Whether I am believed or not; does not concern me. Like every human, but more acutely than many, I am aware that my clock is ticking and have no idea how much longer I will continue to be a living breathing human being, alive on planet Earth.

I hope for the sake of my children that my demise is decades ahead; but like other activists around the world, suffering the intense effects of the very real pressure, sabotage, alienation and threats that we face, and for many, the resulting (and often well-founded) paranoia that ensues; I know that nothing is guaranteed us.

All that IS guaranteed is that as long as we live, we have a voice.

As long as we have a voice, we have the ability to speak.

As long as we can speak, the truth of the wholesale rape of our planet will be spread.

As long as that truth is spread, the awakening will continue.

As long as the awakening continues, global revolution is inevitable.

As I write this, what was once known as “The Arab Spring” is spreading across the Mediterranean and Western Europe.

After a tumultuous year where the full strength of the first-world corporate and governmental infrastructure have been set to task at suppressing the global Occupy movement; they have utterly and profoundly failed.

Where once one country, and then the next, protested and overthrew its government; now we are seeing three, four, five, six countries reach the boiling point that precipitates governmental collapse, simultaneously.

The denial, the subterfuge, the vast economic and human resources wielded against this outcome, have utterly failed in their quest to suppress human social evolution.

Even the corporate media who have worked harder than any against this outcome, deep within themselves know.

The global revolution will reach all four corners of our planet.

None will be untouched by the events that are to come.