Occupy: The War Within

On 1st October 2012 I decided to write a book. An extremely daunting task given all that has taken place but one that feels inherently necessary to complete.

Sadly, shortly into my authorship, Julian Assange announced that he was writing a book. Convinced that he could do a far better job than I of the subject matter, I subconsciously abandoned the project. Little did I realise his book would be based on the Cypherpunks episodes from ‘The World Tomorrow’ (in my opinion the greatest television series in the history of creation – watch it!!!) and that really, these works should be in parallel rather than balanced against each other.

As such, I have undertaken to now complete it, and as I don’t yet have a publisher, am endeavouring to write the rest of it live, online.

Once it is finished I intend to release it as an e-book and hopefully one day in hard copy.

Chapter 1: Insolence Is A Revolutionary Trait